From Sea to Shining Sea

As an immigrant to this country, I tend to be fairly patriotic about the U.S. and feel lucky to call it home. There are many things I love: press freedom, diversity of people and ideas, innovation. I get most excited, though, when I travel to America’s many corners. Man, what a beautiful country. Just, wow. A recent family trip to California was the perfect antidote to the mopey urbanity of wintertime NYC. We stayed outside Los Angeles at the foothills of the Santa Monica Mountains. Each night, the surrounding mountain ranges would turn the most exquisite hue of hazy pinki-ish-purple. A day trip to Santa Barbara revealed lush coastline and cliff-side views. A picnic at a Malibu beach meant large rock formations and tide pools. I’d been to California many times before, but each time I return (and the same holds true for Vermont, the Blue Ridge Mountains and¬†coastal Carolina), I am awed, as if for the first time, by America’s diverse landscape and beauty. (USA! USA!)

photo 1Sunset in the Valley

photo 3A cliff overlooking the Pacific at Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara

photo 4El Matador State Beach in Malibu


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