Small Pleasures: Deli Flowers

Fresh flowers breathe life into any living space. Here in New York City, many neighborhood delis happen to have extensive flower selections. It’s just one of the city’s quirks. And, they’re affordable! Subject to the laws of supply-and-demand, standard blooms (along with manicures) are cheaper in NYC than elsewhere. Bundles of tulips or hydrangea can be had for only $6 each.

Being able to pick up a bouquet along with ingredients for dinner? Pretty great.

A few tips:

Pick seasonal blooms. I’m not sure who their suppliers are, but delis often have pincushion protea, ranunculus and bulbous peonies when it’s the right time of year. No need to go to a fancy florist.

Stay away from the roses. I often see employees peeling off browning petals so they can pass off the bouquets as being fresher than they are. Such manipulation is harder to accomplish with, say, lilies.


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Small Pleasures: Spanish Glassware

It doesn’t take very much to make me happy. Sometimes a really delicious baked good or a bright bouquet of flowers or an unseasonably warm day can make me downright giddy. After our trip to Spain, I remembered how much I loved the glassware used in nearly every restaurant. It’s super simple, with a streamlined design, wide mouth and thin bottom. The half-height wine glasses are especially adorable. When I found the below at West Elm Market ($2 each), it was by far the highlight of my week.


My attempt at product styling

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