A Slice to Get Excited About

For the last decade or so the city has been the launching pad for some kind of Neapolitan pizza takeover. These pizza places–categorized by personal-sized light-as-air pies baked in a wood-fire oven–hoarded the spotlight, touted their Naples pedigrees and natural ingredients and seemed to lay waste to the old-fashioned New York slice joints of yesteryear. We were all complicit in their aggression. (For shame!)

But, as evidenced by newbies like Best Pizza and Williamsburg Pizza, the humble slice joint lives on! Last weekend, I had probably one of my favorite slices of the last few years at Prince St. Pizza (in the former Ray’s Pizza space). Though not a standard New York slice, this square Sicilian-style version, was perfection: soft, pliant dough, quality mozzarella, a perfectly-charred, perfectly olive-oily crust, small discs of crispy pepperoni, spicy sauce. It was the square slice of my dreams.



4 thoughts on “A Slice to Get Excited About

    • In addition to the three mentioned above, I love Joe’s on Carmine. It’s the best slice in the city. Also, Artichoke Pizza (a few locations) has a tasty Sicilian slice. Bleecker Street Pizza is good in a pinch.

      For whole pies, I love Totonno’s, Guiseppina’s and Lucali, all in Brooklyn.

      Even though I sort of hate on Neapolitan pies here, I also kind of love them. My favorite spots are Franny’s, Motorino and Don Antonio. Don Antonio’s pistachio and sausage pie is pretty incredible.

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