Creating Traditions

Big city living can take a toll on friendships. I sometimes go weeks or even months without seeing certain friends. It’s not something I’m proud of. The reasons are varied: people (including me) get busy with work.; we travel; we don’t want to deal with a long commute home, especially on weekdays; we feel sluggish, especially in this weather.

A good friend and I have come up with a solution. We’ve adopted traditions–events for which we have a standing date, spread out over the course of the year. And we keep adding events to the list. We see each other more often than a few times a year, but we both love knowing that if it’s February, we have a guaranteed date at the Lower East Side’s Clinton Street Baking Company for flavored pancakes as part of their annual pancake month. (This year we chose raspberry pancakes with almond brittle and vanilla bean whipped cream, pictured below, mid-devour.) We even have a favorite bar with 2-for-1 sangrias where we sit out the wait.

If it’s fall or spring, we’re at a New York City Ballet performance.

If it’s summer, we’re indulging in limited-time-only individual ice cream cakes at Quality Meats in Midtown.

If it’s late September/early October, we’re probably going to New York City Center’s Fall for Dance, a multi-day festival showcasing a variety of the most prestigious companies dancing in a range of styles, from flamenco to modern.

(Our friendship seems to have a bit of a dancing-and-desserts theme.)



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