Late Summer Date Idea

I’ve always preferred the astronomical definition of summer, the one where summer doesn’t officially end until the autumnal equinox on September 22nd. This means I can still say “this summer has been lovely so far” and “wow, what a mild summer we’re having.” There are about two weeks left to enjoy the season and cross a few summer-specific activities off the ol’ bucket list.

It’s a time of sublime weather. Mild but still warm days and cool, sweater-required evenings. Why not take advantage with a cute sweets-and-sights date?

This date can be either platonic or romantic. (I opted for the former). Here’s what you do:

Stop by Quality Meats restaurant on 58th Street, between 5th and 6th Avenues. Go directly to the bar and order one of their divine ice cream cakes to-go. I’ve tried the Take 6 (a variation on the Take 5 candy bar) and the Pie Flight 2013 (pictured below). They were comprised of ice cream, moist cake, cream and, depending on the flavor, chocolate covered pretzels, fruit, chocolate shavings or a mini pie.

Ask for a few utensils and take the ice cream cakes to the pond at the southeast corner of Central Park (pictured below at dusk), a 5 minute walk away. Evening would probably be best time. Then revel in the deliciousness of your dessert and the magic hour-beauty of the park. Be sure to leave before nightfall when this happens.



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