This Is Why: An Ode to Subway Reading

Most New Yorkers would be hard-pressed to say they enjoy their commutes. They’re usually too long and the train too crowded; fellow passengers can be loud and obnoxious; someone’s taking up too much space or sneezing on you or–dear god–clipping their fingernails (yes, this happens).

But sometimes, even a long commute can feel blissful. I’m lucky to be able to travel on a fairly uncrowded train, and the 40 or so minutes I read before work can feel as relaxing as a deep tissue massage. I’m pretty easily motion sick, and the subway is one of the only modes of transportation on which I’m able to read. And I read everything: long-form essays, historical non-fiction, young adult literature, food magazines, fashion magazines, science articles. Often, I’m so into the story, I nearly miss my stop. It feels like a a bit of a brain workout and gets me mentally prepped for the day. I actually exit the train with a smile on my face.  A smile! On the way to work! I’d pick that over the stop-and-go of a car commute any day.

Reading list

Current reading list (usually not smiling after reading that top book, though)

*This is Why showcases moments that remind me why I love NYC.


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