This is Why: Signed Books

There are so many writers who choose to call New York City, and specifically Brooklyn, home. And while “so and so lives is Brooklyn with her husband and two sons” is now a book jacket cliché, it also means if you live here too, you’re pretty much guaranteed to see your favorite writer speak when they release their new book. There are author events every day of the week. Author events mean lots of copies of signed books. Signed books make great gifts.

I never took to a Kindle. I love the tangible nature of a book: the flipping of pages, the yellowing paper. Local bookstores, author events, people lining up to get their books signed–it all reminds me that other people do, too. Also, seeing an autographed copy of a book makes the story seem real, labored, a project that someone took months, probably years, to cull and craft. It can give an aspiring writer hope that her signature might also one day live on someone’s bookshelf.

Here, a signed copy of Russ & Daughters (upper left corner), a signed copy of Eight Days (upper middle and bottom middle), and a signed copy of Benediction (middle right) at the Community Bookstore.

Autographed books on display at Community bookstore in Park Slope

Autographed books on display at the Community Bookstore in Park Slope

Signed books are available at bookstores large (yes, I mean Barnes & Noble) and small all over the city. One of my favorites is children’s bookstore Books of Wonder in Flatiron. They have a huge selection of signed books. A great place to find a gift for a young reader.

The Community Bookstore, 143 7th Ave.; 718-783-3075

Books of Wonder, 18 West 18th St.; 212-989-3270


*This is Why showcases moments that remind me why I love NYC.


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