This is Why

New York City is addictive in the best possible way. When you’re gone, you miss the rush of it, the untamed energy, the possibility. There are also moments when it rips you apart, leaving you rocking in a corner in the fetal position, crying for “mama”.  And still you stay because each day has the potential to be a revelation.

It’s a place of duality and unexpected things. Yes, you may have spent your morning dodging discarded toilets and getting closer to your fellow subway passenger than you do to your spouse, but you can end your day with a free piano concert in Washington Square Park, dollar duck buns at a stall in Flushing, Queens or a Russian dinner and cabaret show in Sheepshead Bay.

After it kicks you around, the city always finds a way to remind you why it is you’re here.


*Stay tuned for a “This is Why” feature, which will allow you to share in the moments that remind me why I love NYC.


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